The Shipping News.

We learned a valuable lesson from Emily Winfield Martin of The Black Apple in Portland.
We ordered a print for our daughter Meegan, from Emily’s Etsy site and when it arrived, we examined her shipping techniques.
Previously we were shipping in tubes, and even though they were a full 4 inches in diameter, the rolled up prints still had some curled “memory”. Emily ships her goods flat in “Jiffy Rigi Bags” which are thick envelopes that resist bending.
We are supplementing our Rigi Bags with a sheet of card stock to increase their rigidity. We got the bags from a great company called Uline, and they also have these amazing “Do Not Bend” stickers that we are attaching to the outside of the envelopes.

Bottom line is, now we can send our prints out nice and flat, so when they arrive at your place they are truly “ready-to-frame”.

Thanks Emily.